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Getting My Smoothie On

Just got back from the gym and decided to get my peach smoothie on.  Met Princess D, Momma-D, The Progeny, and Mini-Me this morning for a quick work-out.  We really need a nick name...I'll work on that.  They wanted to do legs today, so we did a half round of cards - lunges, squats, calves and step-ups back in the group exercise room.  I thought about going out back-back to the jungle but it was even too humid and miserable for me.  We still got a pretty good sweat on because the air back in the group room wasn't exactly working.  It was a goofy, fun time.  I hope we can get a few more to come so that we can play some Jinga - that would be a blast.

Mini-Me and I hung out for a little while longer and did some dips, pull-ups and a little upper body before the wolves got the scent of fresh blood and started to swarm.  Thankfully, we had a game plan and Mini-Me stuck to the script like a pro.  We bought him 24 hours to think about if he really wants to join the gym before that l…
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Gym Rat

Not much has been going on, just little busy things.  I know it's been nearly a week since my last post.  Motivation level has not been too high lately.  Honestly, I've been super stressed and the sad part is that the stress is a direct result of other people's actions and not really anything that I did myself.

Therapy and group has actually helped me so much the last few weeks.  Sometimes I feel like I have no one I can talk to who really understands my situation and where I'm coming from and who will listen without judging me.  I get that at group and it's been a godsend lately.  I bet you're probably thinking, "What kind of a person admits to going to therapy?"  Hey, whatever.  There are more important things in life than worrying about what someone else thinks about you and trying to keep your pride and this imaginary "perfect image" for everyone.  We all need help and we all need someone to talk to so I have no shame in going to therap…

Open Carry

So, since I do not have a concealed carry permit, and since North Carolina is an open carry state where anyone can carry a gun as long as it is not concealed, I decided that my next project would be a sleeveless shirt so that my guns could be in plain view and I could comply with the law...welcome to the gun show!

That's right, it's another Selfie Sunday and since I just finished up this tank, I figured I would show it off a little bit.  This thing is soooo comfortable and I'm loathe to sell it because I love it so much.  Jersey knit fabric is very soft and stretchy and just amazing to wear.  It makes the best t-shirts.  This was a really simple pattern to sew but it took me a little bit of time because it was my first attempt.  Now that I know how things go together, I'm sure I can get these out in an hour or two.

Josh is on his way back to Tennessee today.  He stopped by the house for breakfast this morning and to say goodbye.  Hopefully he has a safe drive.  It was …